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Tiny Film produces animated TV-series, and related work: Web content, computer games, audio books, children's books and comics. The productions are aquired by Broadcasters, Streaming Services and Publishing Houses in Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Argentina, South Korea, Russia, China and USA.


Our concept is low cost but high quality story telling. Every project is planned and organized in a way, that gives most value for the budget, without damaging the quality required.


With 25 years of experience Tiny Film is a well-established production company with a long track record of productions.


Tiny Film also produces other sorts of 2D animated content, inclusive: commercials, corporate films, explainers and educational films for companies and institutions.


Or if you need consultancy and courses, we can help you with that too.



Karsten Mungo Madsen

Boss, Producer, Director, Script writer, Author, Designer, Animator, Production designer and Illustrator.

After a varied career during his youth, as radio-and-TV salesman, concert organizer, radio-DJ, video-film distributor, backpacker and illustrator, Karsten joined the Thomas and Tim production in 1992 mainly as Animation Assistant and later as story boarder and background artist.

In 1997, Karsten became partner and manager along with Peter Hausner and Søren Tomas.

Today he runs the company as a one-man band with good help from a handfull of dedicated freelancers and in collaboration with trusted companies.

Karsten's CV & portfolio