Tiny Film ApS is a professional and well consolidated company with 17 years of experience in production of animated films, tv-series, tv-commercials and computer/internet games.

Our animation style has been described as COOL, CHEAP, 'n FUNKY. We are specialized in producing limited animation where extremely cool timing and artistic composition are the keywords.

Again and again we have proved, that our style of animation is the most cost effective. With well thought out production methods and the right technology, we can produce at rates that are less than 50 % of the average.

Tiny Film ApS is runned by Søren (chequered shirt) and Karsten (white shirt and vest). It all started because somebody had to bring the Thomas and Tim tv-series to life. Later on several other exciting projects have followed. 

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Tiny Film ApS Hovmarksvej 61 - dk2920  Charlottenlund - +4533163376